Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Nails redesigned nail vinyl review (including discount code!)

Hi! Over the weekend, I spent some time reviewing some amazing nail vinyls which I'm going to show you today, getting a new phone and watching desperate housewives while I'm working on issue two of my magazine. I have no idea how I've only just got addicted to desperate housewives, it's amazing! I hope you had a fab weekend and your week got off to a good start!

Anyway, on to the important business of the day, nails! I have never tried nail vinyls before but I saw that Sara from Nails Redesigned was looking for people to review her vinyls and after having a look at her shop, I loved her vinyls so I contacted her and she very kindly agreed to send me some to play with!

I wasn't sure how I'd get on with the vinyls as I'm not the most coordinated person but they were easy to use! I did smudge them a few times at first because I pulled them sideways off of the nail instead of up towards my nail tip! but I only smudged them a bit so topcoat sorted it out, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone from nail art beginners to the most experienced nail artists!

To use them you just use a base coat and colour as usual.

When the polish is dry, you apply the vinyls over the top, making sure to press it down firmly so there are no gaps where polish can escape through, polish the nail with an accent colour and then remove the vinyl while the polish is still wet.

To do this I used the single chevron vinyls

I used Barry M polishes to create a French manicure with a twist.

This was the first mani I did with them (or any vinyls at all!), so you can see I haven't applied the vinyls exactly centre on some of my nails but I wasn't too bothered, I think the overall effect was fab!

Next I used the classic chevron vinyls.

I used bright and neon polishes to do this with an accent holo top coated nail. I love these vinyls because you can place them over different parts of the nails to create different looks!

This design was done using the wide chevron vinyls. I used a peachy polish and a glittery polish to do this. I think this was one of my favourite manis doing this, it's so simple and you can use the vinyls to do a funky french mani after a couple of days of wearing a plain mani to hide chips and tip wear ;)

I then used the moustache vinyls, there are five different types of moustache's and I used every single one of them sideways so I could hold my finger under my nose so it looked like I had a moustache.......

I used this one as an accent on a plain mani!

And I used these on plain nails so you can see how fab the design comes out!

My next mani was done using the skinny stripe vinyls and different pink polishes over just base coat to show how you can achieve a subtle effect that will make people look twice!

I love how different this is and again I think it's great that using the same vinyls I can create so many different looks!

This was my favourite look, I think next time I'll do black and nude!

I did this mani using the single chevron vinyls again but I used the the other way around this time to create 'V's at the tips of the nails rather than '^'s.

And the last mani I did, I used all the vinyls and some studs I had to create my favourite mani of all! I had used one coat of a shimmery pink polish and was wondering what to do over it and I started just playing with the vinyls and creating different looks. I started off with these accent nails!

And I ended up with this!

tHEN i added silver, gold and black studs!

I finished with topcoat to secure the studs! I love this mani so much! Thank you again to Sara for these nail vinyls! You can see all of the vinyls available from Nails Redesigned, including anchors, lightening bolts and everything I've reviewed today here! Also get 15% off until the 30th of April with the code tarastalons

 Get Nailed in vinyl ;)

Tara x


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