Tuesday, 1 April 2014

TarasTalons is one year old today! This is how I'm celebrating.......

Hi! I'm so excited! TarasTalons is one year old today! I'm so excited and happy! :D

Thank you everyone who has ordered, blogged about me and supported me, I can’t begin to explain how much it has meant and does mean to me! Just over two years ago I had just taken voluntary redundancy from a job I hated and didn't really know what I wanted to do with my life. Shortly after I started my journey into creating an indie nail polish brand with the money left over from my redundancy pay and after a year of research, practise, late nights, tears, overspending budgeting  and sleepless nights I opened TarasTalons! and now a year on, I have the best job I've ever had and am grateful to everyone who has helped me to make my dream a reality and supported me and my business!

To celebrate;

I have released a birthday collection of nail polishes!

All orders of TarasTalons polish between 00:01 on the 1st and 23:59 on the 7th of April will receive a free handmade TarasTalons nail polish keyring (can also be removed from the keyring and worn as a pendant or on a bracelet) (while stocks last).

Also during the seven days starting the 1st of April (00:01 on the 1st of April to 23:59 on the 7th of April) take a photo of your favourite TarasTalons mani, your TarasTalons stash or favourite bottle of TarasTalons polish etc and send it to me/tag me in it across any of my social media with the hash tag #tarastalonsisone or email them to me at tara@tarastalons.co.uk with the subject TarasTalons is one and Shaun (or Mr TarasTalons as he is now known across my social media!) will pick his favourite TWELVE (one for each month you have all supported me and my business) on the 8th of April.

The winning 12 will have the picture they tagged me in/sent me featured in the second issue of my online magazine (TheTaraEmporium Edit) and will also win a one off Talon Treasure Trove!

This is the description of the Talon Treasure Troves: 'Your Talon Treasure Trove will be a gorgeous luxury that you can look forward to all month! Your Treasure Trove will come in a beautiful box and will be worth a minimum of £30.00. Treasure Troves could include (from TarasTalons) full size nail polishes, mini nail polishes or duos, nail art pens and nail art supplies. These could be selected from products in my Etsy shop, my website, my stockists or created just for the Talon Treasure Troves. All products from TarasTalons will be one off or limited edition, however other brands (both indie and mainstream) could appear in the Treasure Troves from time to time which may not be one off or limited edition!

You can see a review of my Talon Treasure Troves here'.

  • Keyrings will only be included with each order while stocks last and an alternative will not be provided
  • You can take wacky pictures with crazy props, in crazy locations, normal pictures, stylised pictures, whatever you want! You can also enter pictures of a polish mani or a nail art mani, basically as long as it is of TarasTalons polish, you can do whatever! 
  • There is no limit on the amount of photos you can send, you can send 1 or 100 but please don't send the same photo 100 times ;)  
  • Shaun will only pick one photo per person
  • You must be over 16 to enter or have your parents permission
  • The winners of the competition will be chosen by Shaun who is as an impartial person about nails, nail polish and nail art as I can find ;)
  • The winners of the competition will be announced and contacted the same way they entered e.g. email, Instagram etc the day after the competition ends 
  • Winners must respond within 72 hours or Shaun’s second choice will win the prize
  • Talon Treasure Troves will be sent out on the 1st of May along with the Talon Treasure Troves of my subscribers
  • Lost or damaged packages will not be replaced
  • There is no cost to you for this prize, you do not need to sign up for a subscription and you are not expected to start or continue a subscription, this is a completely free prize!
  • If you win and are already a Talon Treasure Trove (or any other subscription/club) subscriber, your packages will be combined and sent together
  • None of the social media networks I use (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc) are involved in this giveaway at all and are not liable for the administration or prize given
  • Pictures sent to me via email or across social media may be shared across my social media, full credit will be given
  • I can only send to a UK address due to the civil aviation laws, sorry!
  • Entries will only be counted between 00:01 on the 1st of April to 23:59 on the 7th of April
  • Winners will be announced across my social media and on my blog on the 8th of April
Thank you again to everyone who has supported me and TarasTalons, I hope you all enjoy my giveaway and good luck!

Get Nailed ;)

Tara x

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