Sunday, 11 May 2014

Changes! (again!)

I mentioned on my social media that some changes would be happening so here they are.....!

I have recently taken on a big and exciting new project as well as another smaller (but just as exciting) project, alongside running a business and doing three courses as well as some extra stuff I'm doing such as my magazine, it's not leaving me with much free time, as well as putting me behind with certain things I love, such as working with bloggers and blogging myself! so for the next 6-12 months TheTaraEmporium will be 'just' TarasTalons again!

This is because TarasTalons is obviously my biggest passion as I love nail polish and creating it is what I enjoy most and I have a huge backlog of 'Emporium' products to put in my shops due to a lack of time to photograph and list them!

Until the 1st of June all 'Emporium' products will be at least 50% off on any remaining products will then be kept aside to go back on sale when the Emporium is back!

My social media etc will change back to TarasTalons for now but as usual you can still visit as well as

Also look out for lots of new polishy products coming soon, including new subscriptions and boxes!

The Emporium will see you soon! X 

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