Wednesday, 14 May 2014

My nails inc, TarasTalons and Nails Redesigned mani from Monday 12th May

Morning1 I hope you're having a fab week! I'm spending mine working and trying to catch up on blogging and blog reading! 

Today I'm going to show you the mani I did on Monday! To do this I used OPI nail envy matte as a base coat, nails inc's Basil Street (my new favourite nude) as my base colour, TarasTalons 'Hook' gold glitter as an accent, Duri Rejuvacote as a topcoat, nails inc's black leather effect polish and some stencils by Nails Redesigned!

First I'm going to show you Basil Street by nails inc! This nude is perfect! Obviously I love Porchester Square but I think this has now overtaken it as my favourite nude!  This shows two coats with no topcoat.

I still had some VNL (visible nail line) with two coats so I applied a third. This is three coats with no topcoat. This polish applies perfectly, it's not too thick so it's easy to coat the nail without going too thick so it dries fast as well!

I then applied one coat of TarasTalons 'Hook' to my ring fingers

 And topcoated with Duri Rejuvacote (while eating a twirl!).

I kept it like that for a while but then I added some nails inc leather effect polish using stencils from Nails Redesigned. I love the textured/matte effect of this polish so I haven't topcoated it.

And this is my other hand! The stencils from NR are so easy to use1 Just stick it onto your nail over dry polish, polish with your second colour and remove the stencil while the second polish is still wet and you get perfect lines!

See you soon! In the meantime Get Nailed in nude ;)

Tara x

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