Friday, 16 May 2014

Nails inc Kate Spade polish in silver and red foil mani

Happy Friday! I hope your weekend gets off to a good start! 

Today I have a silver and red foil mani to show you that I did on my sister! To do this, I used the silver nails inc Kate Spade collab polish that was free in Glamour magazine last year. It is gorgeous! I used two coats but you could definitely get away with just one!  This is two coats with no topcoat.

I then used The Best Glue Ever which is available here. This glue really is the best glue ever! It applies white and dries clear as most glue does but it leaves a 'tacky' finish so it's perfect for foiling! The foil I used is just a simple red foil I found on eBay for about 99p.

I applied the glue on the ring fingers and left it toddy. I then cut off a piece of the foil and wiped the back of the foil with a cotton wool pad soaked in coolish remover. Lots of people give that tip to their readers/watchers when they blog and blog about foils so while I can't credit any one person with the idea, I can tell you it's not my idea ;)

I then applied the foil across the nail and pulled it off quickly, the glue 'grabbed' the foil, leaving a fab effect. I did it a few times in different areas of the nail to get this effect and finished with topcoat.

Here's a close up of the foil. I really love this effect. It looks a bit like blood so perfect for Dexter themed nail art!

Get Nailed ;)

Tara x


  1. I like this mani hun the 2 shades work well together great job hugs :) xx


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