Monday, 23 June 2014

Ciate chalkboard mani first try!

Hi! Just a very quick post today to show you how I got on with the Ciate chalkboard mani kit! 

In the kit is a matte black polish, four chalk pens and a matte topcoat. I went to three different branches of TK MAXX to track this down (at a bargain price of £7.99!) so obviously I tried it at the first opportunity!

My first thoughts are that the pens are quite chunky for nail art! I would have preferred something with a finer tip, or maybe a double ended pen with the tips it has and something finer but it wouldn't, and didn't, put me off buying the kit at all! Also I have seen people do pretty intricate designs with this kit so it's probably just something I need to practise at!

I applied my usual base coat of matte nail envy and then two coats of the black Ciate polish, which dries incredibly quickly! and then I used the white chalk pen (there is also blue, pink and yellow in the kit) to draw on some basic designs, an A+, a tick, a noughts and crosses game (this is where I ran into trouble as the pen was too chunky!) and a smiley face! I then top coated the design with the Ciate matte nail polish. You can wipe the design off the nail using a cotton pad and water before you top coat but although I would normally have wiped off the noughts and crosses and done something else, I've left it in to show you that depending on how difficult I found it to draw something smaller/more detailed.

Have you tried this chalkboard kit? How did you find it? If you have any tips on how to draw better with the pens or have blogged about the kit yourself, please leave it in the comments :)

Tara x

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