Sunday, 29 June 2014

W7 nail polish remover review

Hi! Yesterday I blogged about my nails inc mani and today I'm going to show you how I remove it!

This was my mani which was; one coat of matte OPI nail envy, three coats of nails inc Elizabeth Street, three coats of nails inc glamour gold glitter and one coat of Duri rejuvacote!

I used W7 nail polish remover to remove the polish. The ay I remove my polish is to soak a cotton pad in remover, wrap it around my finger and fold the top down. It's easier to do this if you split the pad in half to create two whole circles as then it's thinner and easier to wrap. You could also use foil to hold the pads in place. After 5 minutes, I press the pad down onto the nail and gently pull it off. This was the result using this polish remover!

I love this remover, usually with glitter polishes, I have to go back over the nails to get rid of little bits of polish that have been left behind where the remover has been working the glitter off ands not the colour coats but this got it all!

This is what my nails looked like after my 5 minute removal method. This is pre oil and OPI base coat so please excuse my dry cuticles :D

You can get this remover from the W7 website here (

Tara x

Disclaimer - this polish remover was sent to me for an honest review, please see my disclaimers page for more info!


  1. I like the nude polish.

    1. It's lovely isn't it Tanya :) definitely one of my favourites!


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