Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Barry M matte caramel with pink chevrons, birds and glitter!

Hi! A couple of days ago I tried my first  proper Ciate polish and I still have it on! It's so pretty and really long lasting! I'll review it soon!

Today I'm going to show you a mani using one of my favourite Barry M polishes and tons of nail art embellishments!

What I used in todays blog post
Base coat - OPI matte nail envy
Colour coats - Barry M matte polish in caramel
Top coat - Duri rejuvacote
Nail art - Chevron vinyls, Bird vinyls and bird cages, pink polish and glitter

Where I bought what I used
OPI matte nail envy - http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/vlnailsupply
Duri rejuvacote - http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/buydailydeals?_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2754
Barry M polish - In store at Tesco
Simple pleasures - A gift
Nail vinyls - Sent to me by NailStickrs to review, these have previously been reviewed, previously been reviewed, please see my disclaimer page for more info
Bird vinyls and bird cages - http://www.she-sells-seashells.co.uk
Glitter - sent to me from W7 to review, this glitter has previously been reviewed, please see my disclaimer page for more info

Other places you can get what I used
OPI matte nail envy - http://www.opiuk.com/store/nail-envy/matte-nail-envy-boxed-
Duri rejuvacote - http://www.duricosmetics.com/duri-cosmetics-rejuvacote-05-05.html
Barry M polish - http://www.barrym.com
W7 glitter - http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk
Chevron vinyls - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NailStickrs

First I used two coats of Barry M polish 'caramel' which is fab! It applies really well and like most matte polishes, dries really quickly!

I then used vinyls from NailStickrs and applied them to my pinky and painted over pink polish. I removed the vinyls while the pink polish was still wet.

On my ring and index fingers, I applied these cute bird vinyl stickers from SheSellsSeashells. I love these! They're so think so there's no annoying bits sticking up and one coat of top coat smooths and seals all the edges!

On my middle finger I applied a bird cage using topcoat. The birdcage is also from SheSellsSeashells but it's thin metal rather than a sticker so it does stick up more. I use two coats of top coat to smooth these embellishments down.

On my other hand I painted two coats of the Barry M polish on all of my nails except my pinky, I used two coats of the pink polish on that nail. I applied the bird vinyls to my index and ring fingers and did the chevrons on my middle finger. On my pinky finger I applied some pretty iridescent glitter from W7.

My thumbs aren't pictures because I can't 'pose' comfortably with my thumbs showing properly but I applied glitter on my right thumb and a bird cage on my left thumb. I finished the design with top coat to seal all the embellishments!

Tara x

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