Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ciate chalkboard mani - take two!

Hi! Today you will see a slightly new layout on my blog! I hope you like it :)

Recently I blogged about the Ciate chalkboard mani kit and it really didn't go very well so I tried again and I'll show you that today! Incase you missed my disastrous first it is!

What I used in todays blog post

Base coat - OPI matte nail envy
Colour coats - Ciate black matte polish included in the chalkboard mani kit
Top coat - Ciate matte top coat from the chalkboard mani kit
Nail art - x4 Ciate nail art chalk pens in blue, yellow, white and pink from the chalkboard mani kit

Where I bought what I used

OPI matte nail envy -
Ciate chalkboard mani kit - TK Maxx

Other places you can get what I used

OPI matte nail envy -
Ciate chalkboard mani kit -

Before I show you my mani, I'm going to show you the size of the pen nibs as I mentioned in my last post that for me they're too big for nail art and I would prefer a finer tip, so here it is!

In the kit you get a matte black polish, a matte topcoat and four chalk pens in pink, blue, yellow and white. The polishes are amazing, they dry really, really quickly! They're the first Ciate polishes I've ever used but I'll definitely be looking out for more!

To start my mani I used two coats of the black matte polish. Once the polish was completely dry (which was very fast!), I started drawing on my designs. I drew a sunshine on my pinky, hearts on my ring finger, a sunny day on my middle finger and an ice-cream on my index finger!

One thing I hadn't realised last time I used the kit is that the pens all had names! This is the blue one which is called teachers pet.

To do the sunny day, I coloured over the whole nail in blue, then across the top, I dabbed white and kind of mixed it together on the nail. I used the yellow over the blue at the bottom of the nail in the same way and then a tiny bit of white to make the green. You can easily clean the nibs of the pens with a lint free cotton pad and acetone.

When those parts of the design had dried, I used the yellow to draw the sun in the corner of the nail and the pink to dot some flowers over the grass.

This is my finished design including the matte topcoat to seal the design!

I do still think that the kit would be easier to work with if the pen nibs were finer but with a little practise I got a passable design so I'm very glad I raced around all my nearest TK Maxx's to find this ;)

Tara x

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