Friday, 25 July 2014

Essence paper print review

Morning :) Yestreday I spent the day swatching lots of new polishes so I'll have those up soon! I hope you have a fab Friday!

Today I have my essence paper print review to show you! Before I get into the review I will say that I contacted Essence about the paper print as I couldn't get a good result using the solution, 99% alcohol or vodka and they have told me that they are looking at the paper print products so there will hopefully be some improvements made as in theory, it's an amazing product!

What I used in todays blog post
Base coat - OPI matte nail envy
Colour coats - Essence 146 That's what I mint
Top coat - Duri rejuvacote
Nail art - Essence paper print

Where I bought what I used
OPI matte nail envy -
Duri rejuvacote -
Essence polish and paper print -
Other places you can get what I used
OPI matte nail envy -
Duri rejuvacote -
Essence polish and paper print - find out more about essence and where you can buy the products here

I got all of the paper prints and the solution.

This is what the paper looks like, it's got lots of different patterns and instructions on the paper.

I cut the pattern I wanted and placed it onto a lint free pad, I then covered it in the solution and pressed it onto my nail which was painted with a base of Essence polish 'That's what I mint'.

This was the result......

I tried it on my nails with just base coat and this was the result......

I also tried painting on the solution, waiting 30 seconds and then again covering with solution and this was the result.....

I've scoured blogs and youtube tutorials and nothing seems to be working, so if you have any tips, please leave them below, I'd really appreciate it!

Tara x

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