Friday, 4 July 2014

Fourth MoYou stamping mani using nails inc Chester Street

Morning! Today is my fourth attempt at a stamping mani using my MoYou London plates! I made some stamping polishes for this mani which are nice and thick so they're easy to stamp with! I also used some diamantes as an accent only ring finger!

I used two coats of nails inc Chester Street as a base and then over that I stamped this design in red, blue, white and purple!

While the top coat was still wet, I added some diamates to my ring finger to add some sparkle!

So, while my stamping isn't perfect, it definitely improved over the four tries and since then I've been practising and it has improved further! Here's my tips!

Clean your plate, stamper and scrapper between each stamp you do
Use thick polishes
Use a rolling motion to both pick up and put down the design on your stamper
Prep your stampers before use by filing/buffing them lightly to create a rougher surface for the design to stick to
Leave plenty of time between stamping and top coating to ensure you don't streak/smudge your design

Tara x


  1. Awesome stamping. That blue/grey combo is my favourite. Great tips too; might try roughing up my stamper next time x


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