Monday, 21 July 2014

Review of loose glitter from TMart - make your own glitter polish!

Hi! Yesterday I spent all day taking and uploading photographs for a sale I'm having over on my Instagram page (@tarastalonspolish). I hope you had a goo dSunday :)

Today I'm going to review some loose glitter I was sent by TMart. I have used loose glitter before but today I'm using it in a (nearly) mess free way! I hope you like it!

What I used in todays blog post
Base coat - OPI matte nail envy
Colour coats - Simple pleasures grey and pink 
Top coat - Duri rejuvacote
Nail art - loose glitter from TMart

Where I bought what I used
OPI matte nail envy -
Duri rejuvacote -
Simple pleasures polishes - these were a gift from my sister
Loose glitter - sent to me to review, please see my disclaimer page for more info

Other places you can get what I used
OPI matte nail envy -
Duri rejuvacote -
Loose glitter -

This is the glitter I was sent. You get 12 jars of glitter in different colours, the white and the bright pink are my favourites!

I used two coats of this grey polish as a base for my mani. I love this polish! It's hard to find a gorgeous grey but this one is fab, it dries really fast too!

To use the glitter, I mixed it with some clear polish in my mini palette and mixed it with a nail art brush.

I then used the brush to apply it. because any mess is contained on the palette, there's less mess! There's also less waste as you don't need to tip loads of glitter onto your nails to get a full coverage finish!

For this design I applied the glitter all over my index finger. I applied glitter slightly up from my cuticle on my middle finger so you could see the grey at the bottom. On my ring finger I painted a stripe along the middle of my nail and on the tip of my pinkie finger. I only used one coat for this design and got a fab coverage!

Just smooth the glitter out with a coat of topcoat and ta-dah! (That's cuticle oil around my cuticles by the way I'm not just an extremely messy top coater ;))

To do this mani, I used the three pink and one red glitter mixed together to create a custom glitter polish! I used my palette to mix again and used my nail art brush to apply one coat to my nails, it dried really quickly because of all the glitter in it. When it was dry, I touched up any sparser areas with some more of my custom mixed polish.

Here's a close up so you can see how well the glitters work together and how sparkly they are! I used one coat of topcoat to smooth the glitter.

For my third design I used two coats of this incredible pink polish! This is definitely one of my favourite pinks!

I mixed the black glitter in my palette and used a dotting tool to apply dots in various patterns! Because the glitter is pre mixed with clear polish, it's much easier to get sharper circles!

I hope you like my designs! I'll have some more I've done suing this glitter soon!

Tara x

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