Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sharkie by Quirk

Morning! I hope you're having a fab weekend!

Today's blog post is about an indie polish called 'Sharkie' from the brand Quirk. Unfortunately, Quirk is no longer selling polish but you can contact them and discuss getting this as glitter mix to use as nail art or to create your own polish, clickable and copy and pastable links are below!

What I used in todays blog post

Base coat - OPI matte nail envy
Colour coats - Quirk's Sharkie
Top coat - Duri rejuvacote

Where I bought what I used

OPI matte nail envy -
Quirk's Sharkie - I contacted Kerrie directly
Duri rejuvacote -

Other places you can get what I used

OPI matte nail envy -
Duri rejuvacote -

I loved Sharkie as soon as I saw it! I messaged Kerrie on Facebook immediately to make sure I got one! It's a gorgeous blue base with blood red glitters in different sizes and white triangle glitter which looks like shark teeth!

I used three coats of this polish because I wanted a glitter overload because I think it's so cool! You could definitely get away with just two coats though. It applied really well, no fishing needed for the larger glitters because the base is a fab consistency that picks up the glitters well as you pull the brush out of the polish.

I used one coat of Duri as a topcoat and here is a close up of the result! Amazing!

Tara x

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