Sunday, 27 July 2014

W7 lemon sorbet review

Hi! I hope you're having a fab weekend :) I've spent mine packing orders so I'm trying to catch up on swatching and blogging today!

Todays mani is W7 's lemon sorbet which is my new favourite Summery yellow!

What I used in todays blog post
Base coat - OPI matte nail envy
Colour coats - W7 Lemon sorbet
Top coat - Duri rejuvacote

Where I bought what I used
OPI matte nail envy -
Duri rejuvacote -
W7 polish - this polish was sent to me to review, please see my disclaimer page for more info

Other places you can get what I used
OPI matte nail envy -
Duri rejuvacote -
W7 polish -
W7 polish -

I know with brights and neons a lot of people use a white base to make the colour pop but I've used two coats of lemon sorbet over my natural nails to show you how the polish looks normally incase you don't like to use a white base. I think this polish is super bright without the white base so I'll definitely try it with soon to see if it's even brighter!

As I mentioned this is two coats of lemon sorbet with a coat of Duri as the topcoat. This polish is fab, like all the W7 polishes I've tried, the formula is great so it coats the nail well and it dries quickly too!

I've taken this picture with slightly less light so you can see how bright it is even without much light!

I hope you love this Summery yellow!

Tara x


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