Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ciate and Born Pretty Store alien in space mani!

Hi! I've been doing lots of nail art recently, so today I have an alien mani to show you! 

What I used in todays blog post
Base coat - OPI matte nail envy
Colour coats - Ciate Starlet
Top coat - Ciate matte top coat 
Nail art - TarasTalons holo top coat, neon, white, black and silver acrylic paint and studs 

Where I bought what I used
OPI matte nail envy -
Ciate Starlet - In store at The Beauty Outlet
Ciate matte top coat - From the chalkboard mani kit I bought in store at TK Maxx
TarasTalons holo topcoat - Made myself
Acrylic paints - In store at HobbyCraft
Studs - Sent to me to review by Born Pretty Store, please see my disclaimer page for more info

Other places you can get what I used
OPI matte nail envy -
Ciate starlet and matte topcoat
Liquitex paints -
Born Pretty Store Studs - (use the code TS10K31 to get 10% off)

First I used two coats of 'Starlet' as a background because it's a beautiful purple that reflects other colours! 

I then used white acrylic paint to paint an alien head on my middle nail to make the neon paint pop.  I used a holo topcoat on all the other nails as stars. I also used the white and silver acrylic paints to paint on stars. 

The green neon paint was the perfect alien colour! I used three coats to cover it completely. While that dried I used the Ciate matte topcoat on all my other nails and used the BPS studs as BIG stars! 

I used black paint to paint on the aliens' big eyes and small mouth and top coated that with matte top coat too. As a final touch I used the holo top coat again, I wiped off most of the polish and then swiped it across all of my nails for a little extra sparkle! I also added a little holo around the alien!

Tara x

P.s BPS currently have 30% off all their decoration wheels until the 31st! You can check them out here

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