Tuesday, 26 August 2014

FLASH POST! OPI I don't give a Rotterdam

Hi! I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend! I spent mine writing, polish shopping and trying to find somewhere to store my polish shopping ;)

I've been really busy this weekend and with the TarasTalons relaunch happening soon along with lots of other projects I'm doing and lots happening for me personally, I've decided to introduce flash posts! These will be swatches or simple nail art that I can do a short post about while still showing you something amazing! Something I can write on my super busy days and you can read on yours :) 

Todays swatch is OPI I don't give a Rotterdam which I found in a new beauty shop that has opened near me and I fell in love with immediately! It's a gorgeous grey with a blue undertone and gold shimmer! What's not to love!

This shows two coats with a top coat of Duri rejuvacote. It's a gorgeous opaque polish which dries quite fast and will go with any outfit for any occasion, so it's definitely a must have for me!

Tara x

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