Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Revlon 'surf spray' with boat nail art

Hi! Sorry I haven't blogged for a few days, I've been really busy so I haven't managed to do much! Today I have a really quick post for you! On Sunday it was mine and Shauns' five year anniversary and we went to the seaside town we had out first date at, so I did this boat mani! My other hand was a sunny sky with birds and the beach but I accidentally deleted the photos!

For this mani I used Revlons' surf spray which I hunted down in Poundworld and acrylic paints from HobbyCraft. 

The Revlon polish is gorgeous, it's really shimmery and perfect for sea/sky manis and smells really nice but it did chip pretty quickly. I used three coats to get an opaque finish, this is without topcoat.

I used acrylic paints to draw on little boats and waves and a little man in one of the boats!

Tara x


  1. I love these polishes! I have Autumn spice and it smells incredible! What a cute date idea, and mani to match!

    1. They're fab aren't they! I have Autumn spice but I haven't tried it yet! Thank you :D


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