Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Nails inc 'Clerkenwell' leather effect and Emily DeMolly 'Oceanic Forces!

Hi! Yesterday I received the most amazing advent calendar! I'll show you it soon (I'll be revealing all over on my Facebook page later today

Today I'm going to show you two of my current favourite polishes! First up is Clerkenwell by nails inc! Recently 'The Beauty Outlet' had loads of NI polishes on sale for £5! so I completed my NI leather effect collection (I was missing two). My favourite is this one.

It is quite thin so I did have to do some cuticle clean up where I flooded my cuticles with a combination of the thin formula and my lacking brush skills! However the colour is well worth a two minute clean up! Also the fact it dries fast and you don't need top coat allows extra time for clean up.

My second favourite polish at the moment is this fab green with loads of glitters from Emily DeMolly. This is two coats with top coat.

How pretty is that! I might have to break out my mermaid embellishments!

Tara x

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