Wednesday, 5 November 2014

W7 Fluorescent pink

Hi :D I hope you had a fan Halloween/weekend! I was planning some blog posts for before this but I've been so busy with my writing I haven't been very on the ball with nails and blogging!  I have loads to show you today though!

Firstly, this is 'fluorescent pink' by W7. I found this in B&M and had to buy it because it's so bright it will cheer up the dull, grey days! I can't really capture quite how bright it is but I've photographed it with flash and without so you get a good idea!

I used two coats and top coat for this mani. I think next time I'll use three as I still had some VNL. I'll also try it over a white base and show you that soon!

Shaun came home the other night with the contents of someones destash sale for me, so I have 159 new nail polishes to show you soon! 

I also bought three glamour magazines to get the nails inc nail polishes. I didn't get 'Tate' because I already have it but these ones look fab!

Recently, I've been veering between bright nails and nude nails so here's two of my recent manis!

This is a mani I did with two of my favourite Barry M gelly's.

And this is a nude mani I did using one of the polishes from the destash sale!

Tara x

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