Saturday, 20 December 2014

W7 advent calendar reveal/review - DAY TWENTY!

Disclaimer - this advent calendar was sent to me to review, please see my 'disclaimer' page for more info.

Hi! Today I'm spending some time with my family and shopping to get in a few last minute bits for Christmas, I got some fab stuff yesterday too including a make your own gingerbread train kit! I'll have photos of that on my social media at Christmas! I hope you have a good day too!

Today I'm going to show you the glitter I got in my W7 advent calendar today. Usually I show you how to use loose glitter by dipping your nail into the glitter or sprinkling the glitter onto your nail but today I'm going to show you a different (and my favourite) way to use it by making nail polish with it!

Just a couple of things before we go through the process, I would advise only making a small amount of polish as the glitter could curl, bleed, clump etc as it may be nail art glitter rather than polish making glitter so I just make enough for one or two applications. I will also say this is a very fiddly way of making nail polish and as an indie nail polish maker it makes me frustrated to go through this process but it's the easiest (least messy) way I know of to make just one application of nail polish!

To do this you'll need a small amount of clear nail polish in a bottle, a small piece of paper and your glitter. You can use coloured polish instead if you like, I just prefer clear because I usually have a few bottles of top coat that have nearly run out!

Roll the paper into a funnel and put it in the top of the bottle. You can tape it into place if you need too (I feel like Neil buchanan!). Make sure you don't roll it too tightly or the glitter won't fall through easily.

Pour a small amount of the glitter into the funnel and tap lightly on the side if necessary to help the glitter fall down. Test the polish on a false nail/your nail/nail wheel/paper etc for coverage and add more glitter if necessary.

I'll just quickly say that the glitter in the advent calendar is holographic so extremely hard (for me) to photograph so apologies in advance!

This is the result!

And a close up!

I used one coat of the polish over green for a festive mani.

This is a great mixture of small and medium silver holo glitters so it looks great over any colour!

You can build up the coverage with more coats but due to the amount of fine glitter in their and the amount I used I got good coverage in one coat although that's a little hard to see in the photos because of the sparkle!

I used one coat of top coat to give a smooth finish and ta-dah! a quick custom mani!

And a quick close up so you can see a bit more clearly the amount of fine glitter!

Visit W7 here to see their range of pretty glitters!

Tara x

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