Sunday, 21 December 2014

W7 advent calendar reveal/review - DAY TWENTY ONE!

Disclaimer; this advent calendar was sent to me to review, please see my 'disclaimer' page for more info.

Hi! I hope you've had a great weekend! I have! Yesterday when I went shopping I saw three cute reindeer including a little baby one!

Today in my advent calendar I got this fab pink lipstick! It's very pretty!

I've tested it on my hand to see how bold I can make it. The top shows it with one layer which is quite sheer, then two layers just under that, then three and the bottom shows four layers! It's very soft and moisturising. I have put it on but over the top of a pink lipstick I was already wearing and it applied really well. I can't really say how well it lasts as it's only been on 10 minutes and it's over the top of another lipstick but I do use lots of W7 products and when I go to the beauty outlet near me I usually buy at least one W7 product and their makeup does stay on well so I'd assume this lipstick would be no different.

Visit W7 here to see their range of lipsticks and lip glosses!

Tara x

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