Monday, 22 December 2014

W7 advent calendar reveal/review - DAY TWENTY TWO!

Disclaimer - this advent calendar was sent to me to review, please see my 'disclaimer' page for more info.

Hi! Sorry I'm late posting, I had done the mani early this morning but I had to wait for a parcel, go out and then come home for another parcel (and then open the parcels ;)) I hope your week started off great and you're as excited as me that CHRISTMAS IS THIS WEEK! :D Sad there's only two days left of my advent calendar though!

today is my favourite treat of all I think (though I've probably said that about all of them!) it's a polish called multi dazzle and it certainly is dazzling! It's got every colour of the rainbow and certainly makes every mani brighter!

I used two coats of this glitter over a gold base for a festive party mani!

I think this would look fab over any colour and next time I'm going to use it over a white polish! I think it'll be great over silver for a new year mani too!

Look at that fab coverage in just two coats!

I think I'll need to get a full size bottle of this which I've tracked down here!

Visit W7 here to see their range of polishes!

Tara x

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