Tuesday, 23 December 2014

W7 advent calendar reveal/review - DAY TWENTY THREE!

Disclaimer - this advent calendar was sent to me to review, please see my 'disclaimer' page for more info.

Hi! Today I'm sorting out last minute Christmas stuff and I got a fab present from my sister! check out my Instagram page @tarastalons polish or my Facebook page www.facebook.com/tarastalons to see the best ever phone case!

Today is day 23 of my advent calendar, tomorrow is the last day :( I got such a pretty polish in my calendar today though! It's a sheer pink with iridescent glitter!

With all the wrapping and shopping I have been getting lots of chips in my polish so I thought I'd wear this polish as it's very sheer so if I do chip it (or rip some off when I get tangled in 987 metres of sellotape ;)) it probably won't notice and if it does it's easily repaired!

Visit W7 here to see their range of polishes!

Tara x

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