Saturday, 10 January 2015

Azatute lilac and Love Nails purple glitter

Hi! I hope you're having a great weekend! I spending mine trying to finish the chapter I'm writing which I've been stuck on for ages! I hope you're having a more productive weekend than me :D

Today I'm going to show you a mani I was wearing earlier this week. I used an Azature polish in purple which is lovely. I used two coats of this polish but it looked fine with one and was completely opaque, I just feel I get a longer lasting mani with a minimum of two coats. Like the other Azature polishes, this one dried really fast. I had two coats of this done and dry before the first coat of glitter had dried!

On my ring finger I used a gorgeous purple glitter polish that came in a set of six glitter polishes I got at Christmas. It's a sheer purple with rich purple and silver glitters. It's so pretty I can't wait to try the others from the set!

You can see the full range of Azature polishes here I got mine as a gift from Shaun and he got them here

Tara x

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