Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Born Pretty Store review - neon dots!

Disclaimer; these nail art embellishments were sent to me to review, please see my 'disclaimer' page for more info.

Morning :) Today I'm braving the cold to try and track down a red gellie polish I need to complete my collection, wish me luck!

Today I have a very picture heavy post! these fab neon matte glitter dots from BPS to show you! To do this mani I used a nude polish as a base and I also used these neon stickers which you can get from BPS,  (they're design No. 1). I also used tweezers to apply the stickers and a wax pencil to apply the dots.

I really love both the stickers and the dots, the stickers adhere really quickly and sit flush on the nail and the dots are easy to apply on top of clear nail polish and are quite thin so they sit well on the nail.

I used clear polish to seal the design and they lasted really well, they didn't even come off after a super hot bath!

I think I'll recreate this design around Easter, it looks quite Easter egg-y!

I also used the dots over a bright blue polish which makes them look more green than yellow as they're quite thin and the blue polish is very strong so it tints them slightly, how fab is that!

I applied them in a rough pattern across all the nails so on the index finger I left quite a large area blue, them on the middle nail I applied slightly more, then even more on the ring finger nail and then I covered the pinky nail in them!

Again I used a top coat to seal the design.

Now for the final design using these neon dots! I used a bright pink polish as a base, I then applied the dots along corners of each nail. On the two middle nails I used a dotting tool to dot the pink polish in the middle of each dot.

I used top coat to secure the design and ensure it lasted well.

I can't wait to try this design with other colour polishes!

Here is a link to Born Pretty Store, here is a link to all of their nail art products and you can save 10% on all orders with the code TS10K31 

Tara x

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