Thursday, 1 January 2015

Fashion diary series - WEEK ONE

Hi and Happy New Year! I hope 2015 gets off to an amazing start for you!

This year I have a new diary which is the 2015 colors of fashion diary. Each week there's a picture of some gorgeous pieces of fashion so throughout the year I am going to be creating a mani inspired by the fashion in my day that week! Some will be quite simple and hopefully some will be more intricate depending on how inspired I am by each piece. I hope you enjoy it!

This weeks mani is based on this gorgeous dress! I really wanted to do something with silver bows because the shape of the dress looks like a bow but can you believe I have thousands of bows and none in silver! I have metal ones, plastic ones, fimo ones, glittery ones, colourful ones, polka dot ones but NO SILVER ONES! ARGH! So I've done a very simple mani for this weeks diary post!

I started off with this fab silver base using an LA Colors polish.

I used a dark silver nails inc polish to draw stripes across my two middle nails which was inspired by the pulled in effect of the dress. I left my little finger nail silver and painted my index finger with the darker silver to show the two shades of the dress where the light and shadows hit.

Tara x

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