Saturday, 10 January 2015

Giveaway reminder!


Here's a quick reminder about my giveaway! I've been asked if you need to own TarasTalons polishes to win and you don't! so I've laid out the ways to enter a little more clearly so hopefully that'll make it easier to understand, sorry! :)

To win TEN bottles of TarasTalons Polish plus extras, tell me or show me why or how much you love TarasTalons polish! See below for more info.....

TarasTalons giveaway info!

To win a prize box containing 8 10ml and 2 5ml TarasTalons polishes, nail art items and various other goodies, you need to do the following;

Get my attention! You can do this by;

*Sending me a picture or video of your TarasTalons mani

*Sending me a picture or video of your TarasTalons stash

*Telling me why you love TarasTalons polish 

*Anything else you can think of to show me or tell me why or how much you love TarasTalons polish!

When you send me your entry please tell me how you follow TarasTalons eg; Instagram, Facebook page etc and your username so I can tag you if you win

You can enter by commenting on this post sending your entry to, on, to @tarastalons on Twitter, to @tarastalonspolish on Instagram, on your blog and message me the link or message me trough the social media above with your entry

You can use pictures etc that you have previously put on social media or tagged me in etc but you need to repost them not just retag me

You may enter as many things as you'd like

Entries may be shared across my social media

On the 1st of February at Noon, I will chose my favourite three and they will be put on where people can vote for their favourite, the one with the most votes as of Noon on the 9th of February will win!

I will contact the winner and they will have one week to respond with their details for me to send the prize, if I have no contact within one week, the prize will go to the person in second place

If the votes mean there is more than one person with the most votes, the prize will be split between all winners

The winner and their winning entry will be announced on my blog and across my social media

TarasTalons cannot replace lost or damaged prizes

No alternative prize can be offered and the prize cannot be swapped for any other prize

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