Monday, 26 January 2015

Vivien Kondor London - neon green review and prince frog nail art!

Disclaimer; the Vivien Kondor London polishes used in this post were sent to me to review, please see my 'disclaimer' page for more info.

Morning! I hope you have a good Monday! I think I'll be spending mine under a variety of blankets because it's freezing!

Today I have a gorgeous polish to show you! I really love this and you know it's got to be amazing because even Shaun commented on how lovely it is and he's the least interested person in polish I've ever met!

This polish is by Vivien Kondor London and it's called '127 - Neon Green'. I used three coats of this polish with one coat of the Vivien Kondor London base coat, top coat and hardener (polish number 101).

This polish applies really well and dries pretty fast, I left it about 10 minutes between coats. I used three coats of this because I like to ensure I have a perfectly opaque finish but I think two coats would have been fine too. A lot of neon polishes have a very strong smell but this one just has a normal 'polish' smell, it was no different from the other polishes from VKL that I've tried.

I thought this was a great 'frog' colour, so I used it as a base to do some frog prince nail art!

On my pinky I used a glittery frog sticker and a glittery crown sticker. On my ring finger nail I used a gold heart shaped stud. On my middle nail I used a dotting tool and polishes in white, black and red to create a frog face. I used the white polish to dot on two eyes, I then used the black polish to dot on little nostrils and a smile. When that was all dry, I used the black polish again to dot on pupils and a red polish to draw on a little tongue. On my index finger nail I used a silver palace sticker.

I finished my while design with VKL's '101 - Base Coat, top Coat & Hardener' which gives a lovely shiny finish and sealed my stickers really well. I was also impressed that I could top coat so quickly after doing the nail art and not get any drags/smudges from the black or red polish!

You can buy Vivien Kondor London polishes on Amazon for just £3.99 each! I think that's great value and they also have gift boxes of polishes available!

Tara x


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