Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Essie 'Cashmere bathrobe'

Hi! Today I'm going to be mainly drinking coffee and writing, hopefully I'll be able to fit in some time to eat jelly tots as well ;) have a great day!

Today I have a gorgeous essie polish to show you! This is called 'Cashmere bathrobe' and it's a beautiful dark grey with very fine glitter running through it so it's work appropriate and night out appropriate!

I don't own many essie polishes, only around ten but they're amazing so I am slowly building up my collection! The brush and formula mean it's easy to apply and you don't need to do much, if any, clean up. They dry quickly and have a shiny finish that is super glossy with one coat of top coat. also essie have a huge range of colours, effects and finishes so there's something for every occasion! You can see them all at

Tara x

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