Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fashion Diary Series - WEEK EIGHT!

Hi! It's already week eight of my fashion diary series! This week is a fab, bright skirt suit!

To do this mani I used; a stamping plate from this seller on eBay, a blue and pink polish from Vivien Kondor London, a yellow Hello Kitty polish and a red Lumiere polish. To do the stamping, I also used this scraper and stamper from MoYou London and to finish the mani I used a top coat from Vivien Kondor London.

I painted my nails in bright colours, from my pinky; blue, yellow, pink and red.

I then used the blue polish to stamp on the three nails painted other colours and the pink polish to stamp over the blue polish. It's a bit difficult to see it over the blue but I tried green and yellow over it as well and those didn't show even as well as this pink did.

Tara x


  1. What a fantastic mani. Love the colours and images. The plate is in my ebay basket despite a no-buy but at that price it would be stupid not to ;-) !

  2. Thank you :) stamping plates don't count in no-buys ;)


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