Monday, 2 February 2015

HJ Manicure - Blue lagoon

Hi! I had a busy weekend so today I'm going to relax and do some writing but first, I have a gorgeous polish by HJ Manicure to show you called 'Blue Lagoon'. 

When I used this polish I was so impressed. It was super opaque and dried really quickly. It also has a great formula, so it's easy to apply smoothly and the brush is lovely too. Unfortunately it stained my fingers and nails so badly after just one day of wear that I had to use bleach to remove it all after a bottle of nail polish, a scrubbing brush, whitening toothpaste and half an hour didn't work!

The bleach didn't do any damage, I just rubbed it over my hands and nails for 20 seconds before rinsing thoroughly and washing my hands twice with soap. Then I slathered on the hand cream after and all was fine. Also everyone's body chemistry is different so I'm sure that this won't stain on everyone but it might be worth testing it on one nail first :)

I think the colour is beautiful though so I will definitely wear this again. I might just try it over a base of white polish as well as my base coat next time and hopefully that will eliminate the staining :)

You can buy this polish or any of the other gorgeous HJ Manicure polishes here priced at £9.50 each. They have so many beautiful colours, you'll be spoilt for choice!

Tara x

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