Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Superman mani!

Hi! Today I have a Superman mani to show you! I love Superman! He's my favourite superhero and my most watched DVD's are my Superman DVD's!

To do this mani I used a red Loreal polish called 'exquisite scarlett', a blue Loreal polish called 'Fluro azure', a yellow Hello Kitty polish with no name and Superman vinyls from Trinity nails which you can get here. I love TN, they're vinyls are amazing and their service is fab too.

To do this mani I painted my ring finger nails yellow and then painted my other nails with the red and blue polishes on alternate nails.

I then applied the Superman vinyls over the yellow polish.

I used a top coat to seal the vinyl and it lasted well. I wore this mani for two days and it lasted through baths, hair washing, hand washing, hand cream, lemony flutter, cuticle oil and cleaning!

I love this mani!

Tara x

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