Monday, 9 February 2015

UK indie nail polish week - Danglefoot Nail Polish

Morning :) I hope you had a nice weekend! This week I'm going to show you some of my favourite UK indie nail polish brands. As the UK's first established handmade nail polish brand I obviously feel very passionate about the UK's indie nail polish scene and I really want to share some of my favourite's with you. I own quite a few different brands of UK indie nail polish and I'm hoping to increase my collection so I will be doing another UK indie nail polish week soon!

The first brand I'm going to show you is DangleFootNailPolish, you can visit the DFNP Etsy shop here. The polishes I'm going to show you today make up the Roald Dhal collection which is currently available in the DFNP shop.

This first polish is  'Whizzpoppers' which is a yellow jelly polish which is full of gold glitters in different sizes.

This polish has a great formula, it applied really well, it gave a great coverage in two coats and it has the perfect amount of glitter so it's really sparkly but it's easy to smooth the glitter out with one coat of top coat.

The second polish I have to show you from this collection is 'The great mouse plot' and it's my favourite of this collection. It's a pretty grey polish with light pink and white matte hex glitter, fine bright pink glitter and fine silver holo glitter.

I used three coats of this with one coat of top coat to get an opaque finish. It applied really well and also dried quickly so I think I'll have this one coming up in a few more manis soon!

The third polish I have to show you is 'George's marvellous medicine'. it's a really bright blue jelly with silver holo square glitters, pink circles and fine silver holo glitters.

This polish looks totally amazing! The formula is slightly thicker than the other polishes so it takes longer to dry than the others and isn't as easy to work with but it's by no means impossible to use and the tiny bit of extra effort it takes to get a smooth finish is totally worth it when you see the end result! I used three coats and one coat of top coat to get this fab finish.

My second favourite polish from this collection is 'The snozberries taste like snozberries' which is a beautiful, classic lipstick red with silver holo micro glitter.

This polish has a perfect formula, it's nice and thin so it applied like a dream but it has enough pigment to give an almost opaque finish in just one coat and it was totally opaque in two. It also has the perfect amount of glitter so you get tons of sparkle but it doesn't over take the amazing red colour of the polish.

And last but definitely not least is this gorgeous dark purple/maroon with orange glitter called 'We are in dream country now.

This polish also has a fab formula, it applies really well which is always important to me when applying darker shades. it has a great amount of glitter and you get an opaque finish in two coats, though in these photos I've used three just for extra depth.

Tara x

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