Wednesday, 11 February 2015

UK indie nail polish week - Indie Nail Polishes

Hi! Today I have three polishes to show you from the third brand I'm featuring for UK indie nail polish week! Today's brand is Indie Nail Polishes who have an Etsy shop here.

The first polish I have is 'Golden Onyx'. It's a fab glitter topper made up of different gold and black glitters.

I used two coats of this glitter over a bright green base. It applied really well and dried quite quickly too!

The second polish I have is 'Rosie Goldie' which is a really pretty, subtle glitter topper made of pink and gold glitters.

I used two coats of this over blue but it would look great over most colours.

The last INP I have to show you is 'Midnight Gaze' which is my favourite of the three polishes! It's a glitter topper created with small blue and purple glitters and silver squares!

I used two coats of this over a bright pink to make it pop! It applied really well and the two coats dried fast!

Tara x

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