Friday, 13 February 2015

UK indie nail polish week - Magic Goose

Morning :D I hope your weekend gets off to a fab start!

Today I'm going to show you two polishes I have from a brand called Magic Goose. This brand is not currently selling but you can like their Facebook page here and stay up to date with their return.

The first polish I have to show you is 'Luminous Lichen' which is a pretty, shimmery green.

This polish applies really nicely and the shimmer looks fab when the light hits it!

My favourite of the two polishes I have is 'Fisherman's Catch', which is a really pretty shimmery blue.

This is two coats of the polish with one coat of top coat.

Tara x


  1. They're gorgeous Tara! I'm so annoyed with myself for not having gotten any a while ago x

    1. They're super pretty aren't they! I'll keep my eye on blog sales and despatches and let you know if I see anything come up ) x

  2. These are both gorgeous. I'm loving your indie week Tara :) x

    1. Thank you Helen :) I can't wait to do another indie week :) x


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