Thursday, 19 February 2015

W7 review - Tiffany and frankenpolish Tiffany glitter!

Disclaimer: these products were sent to me to review,please see my 'disclaimer' page for more info

Hi! My sister is visiting this week so I've been doing loads of stuff and haven't been around on my social media much but I'm taking time to blog still cos I have so much stuff to show you! Today, I'm going to show you a really pretty polish by W7 called 'Tiffany' and give you some tips on how to frankenpolish this to make it sparkle!

This W7 polish certainly suits it's name, it's a gorgeous green/blue aqua colour that's so hard to describe! Many people would say it's mint green, many would say duck egg blue, whatever you call it, it's absolutely gorgeous!

I used two coats of this polish and a top coat for this finish.

The polish applied really well, it dries quickly and the formula is great too. I always look out for W7 polishes when I'm shopping, one day I will own them all! You can start or increase your W7 collection with this gorgeous polish here.

I also used this polish to create a sparkly polish! To do this you will need the W7 Tiffany polish, one of the cosmic nail dusts in any colour (you can get these here - I used lilac), an empty nail polish bottle and some clear nail polish. Sorry in advance for the rubbish pictures, there was so much sparkle, it was super hard to capture it properly!

I put about 2.5ml of Tiffany into the empty bottle with about 2.5ml of clear polish to thin it and make it less opaque to allow the glitter to show through. I then tipped in loads of the cosmic nail dust and shook until it was all combined.

I applied two coats with top coat for this mani.

Here's another picture in a different light!

Some tips and tricks for when you frankenpolish this are;

Don't make too much as the glitter has not been tested and could bleed, curl, clump, sink etc over time so you don't want to waste too many 'ingredients'

Use an agitator ball if you can to mix the polish more throughly (I have some of these for sale so you can contact me at if you want  to buy some)

If you have never frankenpolished before, use smaller amounts of ingredients and mix them before deciding whether to add more glitter etc

Clean your nail polish bottle thoroughly or use empty ones (again you can contact me at to purchase some empty bottles if you need some)

If you use a different type of glitter other than the W7 cosmic nail dusts, you may need to buy a small funnel or make one out of paper to easily tip the glitter into the bottle as the W7 cosmic nail dusts come in a bottle with a pointy tip and most glitter comes in pots or bags.

If I've missed anything out that you need to know about frankenpolishing you can comment below or email me, in the meantime visit to buy your polishes and glitters!

Tara x


  1. I'll definitely try the W7 glitter as I have been quite unlucky with various glitters bleeding - even ones that were described as non-bleeding. Recently I have done a few franken sheer tints. They are so easy to do with some cheapish top coat and polishes you already own. Now I have a few nice colours alongside the OPI tints, plus my frankens are not so terribly gloopy

    1. I haven't tested them so I'm not sure if they will bleed in the future but I do have polish making glitter for sale if you'd like to buy some just email me at :)

      I'll have to try some sheer tints cos I love them but the range of colours isn't big enough!


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