Friday, 6 March 2015

Bohem nail jewellery review

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Hi! I hope you've had a fab week! Sorry I haven't been blogging much but I've had family visiting and I didn't have time to schedule blog posts before they arrived as I've been ill. The good news is that it's my birthday on the 16th of March and Shaun let me choose some polishes as my presents so after my birthday (as soon as I unwrap them ;)) I'll get swatches up to show you some beauties!

Today I'm going to show you a product which is completely new to me, Bohem nail jewellery. I've never used anything like this before!

This nail jewellery is beautifully packaged and comes with a polishing cloth, instructions and nail tabs to apply the nail jewellery as they are completely reusable.

Look how great everything is! The instructions are really clear and the tabs are easy to use as well so its a simple way to get really unique and special manis. 

To apply these I painted my nails with a sparkly polish and once dry, I applied the tab to my middle finger and applied the nail jewellery by pressing down firmly until it was applied.

The nail jewellery is sterling silver and great quality so I was worried they would be really heavy but they aren't! It's no different than wearing a few diamantes or other embellishments.

I also used this pretty heart design nail jewellery which is slightly longer than the other one I used. This design is so pretty and will go well with any polish! If you prefer these or prefer the short ones, you can choose the length, shape and width of nail jewellery when you order.

You can also wear different designs on each hand rather than matching ones for a mani no one else will be wearing!

I wore the short nail jewellery for just one day before removing it to see if it was easy to remove, which it was! But I wore this one for over two days before started to feel a little loose and I removed it.

Here's a close up so you can see the quality of the design.

You can buy your reusable nail jewellery at Bohem ( and you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter @BOHEMnails to see their new products and keep up to date with all their news, fan photos and more!

Tara x


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