Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Emily De molly 'Bo Peep'

Hi! Yesterday I got new lighting to take my photographs so hopefully my photographs will improve with my new setup! I haven't got any blogs prepared yet using the new lighting but you can see a photograph I posted of a polish from 'Frightfully Spectacular' on www.instagram.com/tarastalonspolish to see what you think!

Today I have a gorgeous Emily De Molly polish to show you called 'Bo Peep'. Shaun bought me this from www.rainbow-connection.co.uk which is a UK based company bringing us indie polish from around the world! You can get 5% off  your first order at Rainbow Connection UK if you follow this link http://prz.io/1dXx

Look how amazing this is for Easter!

I only owned three EDM polishes before Shaun bought me another two but I definitely want to add more to my collection. They're all stunning! They also apply well and dry quickly.

Here's a couple of photos I took so you can really see the colour and glitters of this polish.

I can't even begin to list all of the glitters in this polish. They're very pretty matte pastel colours though and go perfectly with the minty/tealy/turquoisey base.

For this mani I used three thin coats with one coat of Duri rejuvacote as my base coat and one coat as my top coat.

If you want an Easter/Spring mani that will look amazing I definitely recommend this polish!

Tara x

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