Monday, 9 March 2015

Models own 'Sun hat' matte and nail art!

Morning :D Today is just one week until my birthday so I'll be spending the day telling my friends and family that ;) I hope you have something more productive to do :D

Yesterday I showed you 'Sun hat' by and today I'm going to show you it with some nail art over it and a matte top coat! To do this I used some dotting tools which I found in Poundland, a black nail polish by Gallery, the models own 'Sun hat polish' and the matte top coat from George at ASDA.

I used the dotting tools to create black dots all over my nails.

I then added some dots of models own 'Sun hat' over some of those black dots.

Once they were dry, I added black dots again over some of the pink ones.

I then added a matte top coat!

This matte top coat is amazing! The models own polish was super glossy, I then applied a coat of duri, then the glossy black and pink polishes and then just one coat of this matte top coat and it eliminated all gloss immediately!

I would recommend everything I used in this mani to anyone, I hope you like the result :)

Tara x


  1. I love this design so much!! It's so cool and looks even better with the matte finish :) x

    1. Thank you :D This is one of my favourite designs I've done, I'm glad you like it! x


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