Friday, 20 March 2015

My first ever Illamasqua polishes!

Morning :) I hope you're having a great week and you have an even better Friday! I'm not sure what I'll do today but it will probably include trying to catch up on two weeks worth of Hollyoaks!

Today I'm going to show you a mani I did using Illamasqua polishes, which I got for my birthday on Monday. I have never used anything from this brand before so when I saw the polishes in TK Maxx, I directed Shaun there for my birthday presents! I also went there with some of my birthday money to get some more, so I now have 19!

I'm so impressed with these polishes (so impressed that I'll be buying some Illamasqua makeup soon!). They are very pigmented but they've formulated them perfectly so they aren't thick and apply smoothly. They dry very, very quickly and I've worn them for about 40 hours so far and have no chips! I've cleaned using rough cloths, bleach and other cleaners while wearing no gloves, moved some furniture around and typed loads and NO CHIPS! Amazing!

To show you how pigmented these polishes are, here's a picture of the mani with just one coat.

This is two coats with no top coat. You can see from the difference between the two photos, you can definitely get away with just one coat, though I always prefer at least two and the green polish looks much better with two coats.

This is two coats with top coat.

The red polish shown here on my thumb is 'Aorta'.

The green is 'Nurture' and the blue is 'Noble'.

The purple is 'Faux pas' and the pink is 'Superstition'.

As I said I got these polishes in TK Maxx but they don't have the full range and not every store carries them so to get your Illamasqua fix visit to see their full range! I'll show you the rest of my Illamasqua collection soon!

Tara x

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