Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Vivien Kondor London matte white and neon yellow mani!

Good morning sunshine! Ok, so the sun isn't actually shining, but wait until you see the polish I have to show you! You won't need the sunshine! For my birthday I got four Vivien Kondor London polishes and today I have two to show you. One is a matte white polish and the other is neon yellow. Before I get onto showing off these beauties I will warn you that todays post is photo heavy because of the brightness of the neon yellow. It was super hard to capture! I described it on Instagram as looking like a highlighter ate glow sticks and threw up on my nails and I stick by it!

First up is a 'behind the scenes' shot of me cleaning up the white polish! It's a great forumla so it didn't need much cleaning up but I'm really rubbish at applying white polish (I think I get nervous so I shake more!) so I used a nail art brush which I got in a set at Poundland and some polish remover to clean up the edges.

Here it is! Two coats, no top coat. Amazing! It's not streaky which I find lots of white polishes are and it dries pretty quick too!

I really like this just on its on, I think next time I use it I won't put anything over it!

Though it will be great for nail art! I'm going to try stamping with it but some stamping over it will look fab too! So will diamantes, foils and some playing card nail art!

Now on to the neon yellow polish! I applied two coats of this over the two coats of white.

It actually looks like it's glowing!

This polish also applied really well, it's quite thin so it's easy to coat on smoothly. It's also quite pigmented so you can actually just use one coat over white. I just missed a couple of areas and the white was peeping through so I had to apply a second coat.

Look how pretty!

The following photos are without flash or extra lights to try and dim the glow a little but it didn't, it was still amazingly bright and glowing and so hard (for me) to capture in a photo!

I would definitely recommend this polish if you like neons, it's amazing!

VKL have a ton of neon shades including GOLD! so I can't wait to try all of the colours!

Just two more pictures left!

Last one!

You can see my review of VKL in neon green here which also includes some frog prince nail art! You can buy VKL polishes here which at the moment are just £1.49!!

Tara x


  1. Wowzers, that is a BRIGHT neon yellow. I think you description it bang on!

    1. Isn't it! Thank you :D it was hard to capture how fab is it but my description is better :)


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