Sunday, 22 March 2015

WingDust Collections summer storm from Rainbow Connection UK

Good morning :D I hope you have a lovely, relaxing Sunday planned!

Today I have a stunning polish to show you! It's a brand that I haven't tried before that I got for my birthday. It's called 'Summer storm' by WingDust Collections. Shaun bought me this from which is a UK based company bringing us indie polish from around the world! You can get 5% off  your first order at Rainbow Connection UK if you follow this link

Ok, so enough about where to get the polish and on to the beauty of the polish!

Look how amazing this is! It's a beautiful grey base that looks lilac in certain lights because of all the purple and fuchsia glitters and the purple shimmer. It also has silver, pink, gunmetal and grey glitters including matte and holo glitters in different shapes and sizes and probably I've forgotten or haven't seen yet!

To get this finish I used three very thin coats of colour over a base coat of Duri rejuvacote and a top coat of Duri rejuvacote. The formula on this polish get an A*, it applies really well and dries fast. The brush is great too, a fab shape that meant I didn't need to clean up!

Here's a close up of my middle nail.

And one of my ring finger with no extra light.

And a close up of my ring finger with extra light so you can see the sparkle a bit better.

Honestly, no matter how many photos I take, I won't be able to show you the amazingness of this polish. It's taking me longer to type this cos I keep looking at my nails! I can't wait to get more of these polishes!

Tara x

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