Friday, 17 April 2015

Barry M 'Elderberry' and Black Cat Lacquer 'We own the sky'

Morning! so yesterday I told you I had broken my no buy (spectacularly), I went to Superdrug and got the whole collection of the new Barry M sunset polishes and I visited the new models own bottle shop that's just opened in my nearest shopping centre so I have those coming soon! Also yesterday I got an OPI set of polishes and I'm waiting on some more stuff too so keep an eye on  my social media to get sneak peeks of what's coming up! 

Today I have a very Spring-esque mani to show you! I got a new Barry M gelly for my birthday which is a gorgeous light blue  and I was also lucky enough to see this Black Cat Lacquer (We own the sky) being sold in a Facebook group while I had some birthday money left! I thought they would look great together so that's what I'm going to show you today!

I used two coats of each polish and painted my index and pinkie fingernails with the Barry M and the BCL on my middle and ring fingers. Both polishes are lovely, opaque in two coats, fast drying and long lasting! I don't usually wear my nail polish for 48 hours but I wore this mani for a couple of days  because I didn't have time to change it and it held up well under my mammoth amount of typing!

I love all the rainbow glitters in this BCL, it's the first one I've ever tried but the colour, the glitters, the formula and the brush have made me want more!

If you have any Black Cat Lacquers that you love, feel free to link to blog posts below so I can get some recommendations! 

Tara x

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