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Barry M sunset collection review 'I've been pinkin' UPDATED!

Morning :D Today I'm going to do an updated barry M sunset review so I've copied my original post below and I'll do the updated part below the post! 

Hi! I spent yesterday watching YouTube videos and waiting for nail mail! Today I'll try and be a little more productive and actually do some work! I hope you have a great weekend!

When I went shopping the other day I 'accidentally' bought the entire Barry M sunset collection which they have just released and on Thursday I tried one of the polishes so I'm going to show you that today. I don't usually wear my nail polish very long but I'm going to keep this on until it chips and so an updated picture every 24 hours until then to show how long it lasts as Barry M have said it can last up to 10 days! You can see my pictures on Instagram - www.instagram.com/tarastalonspolish or my other social media.

Here is what Barry M say about this collection which consists of seven shades and the special top coat - Barry M’s new Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint and Topcoat deliver the look and resilience of pro salon gel nails without a UV lamp or the expense! All you need is a Sunset colour and the Sunset Topcoat – no need for a base coat as the special formulation bonds to the nail like a gel in daylight but can still be removed with a regular remover.

And here is my mani using the bright pink shade 'I've been pinkin'.

To do this I used no base coat as advised, two thin coats of colour and one coat of the special top coat.

These polishes have their new brush in them, the same as their speedy collection. So it's the flat, rounded brush which means you need hardly any clean up at all!

I was unsure at first if I would like this collection as I didn't really know how it would 'cure' without a light but having used it I'm super impressed. The formula is great, the colours are amazing, I love the new brush and it dries really fast. The whole mani was done and dry within ten minutes! 

This super shiny, long-lasting finish is perfect! Look how pretty it is! 

There's been lots of questions asked about this collection, including the ones I had before I tried it out! So I'll answer them below!

Do you need base coat?

Nope! Barry M say the best way to get a long lasting finish is to allow the polish to adhere to your nails. I know some people are worried about staining but lets face it, we sometimes get staining even when we use a base coat and there are loads of tips and tricks out there to help you remove it, but more likely, you're just going to cover it up with more polish anyway ;)

Do you need a UV light?

Nope! This cures in sunlight or the rooms artificial light. I wasn't sure about that before because having used gel polishes, I know how tacky they are until cured but these dried just like normal polish but faster!

Do you need to use the special top coat?

Barry M say yes but the polishes were dry before I applied the top coat so I say experiment!

Can you use the special top coat with other polishes?

Barry M say no but I don't see why not. Obviously the colours and top coat in this collection were formulated to work together so you might not get ten days wear with a regular polish but you might get a bit longer, so again, I say experiment!

How long does it last?

I'm not sure yet but keep up to date with my wear photos on my social media! Barry M say up to ten days though!

Why is the special top coat in a gold bottle if it isn't gold glitter?

It needs to be in a coloured bottle rather than a clear one so the light doesn't cure it in the bottle and, I assume, Barry M chose the sparkly gold one because it goes so well with the theme!

If there are any questions you have that I haven't answered just leave them below and I'll answer them :) 

Tara x


How long does it last?

It lasted for four days and a few hours for me, copious amount of typing and very hot baths left me with one nail peeled off and four chipped/crinkled on the fourth day. But prior to the very hot bath of the fourth day, there was no chips or anything. The shine had dulled a little though.

How do you remove it?

Just as you would remove your normal nail polish.

Does it stain because you don't wear base coat?

Nope, I had no staining at all!

If I've missed anything just ask below :) 

Tara x

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