Saturday, 11 April 2015

Born Pretty Store review - floral nail art foil over Collection Cosmetics 'Peach Blossom'

Hi! I hope you have a fab Saturday planned! I spent yesterday doing too little work and too much film watching so today I'm going to catch up on some work. Enjoy the sunshine on my behalf! 

Today I'm going to show you a VERY Spring-y mani which I did using 'Peach blossom' from Collection cosmetics new Field day collection and nail art foil from Born Pretty Store ( Don't forget you can use my discount code on BPS so as well as free shipping, you will save 10%! My code is TS10K31 and the info and link is also on my 'Discounts' page if you want to save it for later! 

The foil I used from BPS is this pretty floral one with a clear background which is C-03 on this page (

I really love nail art foils because I think it's a really easy, fast and affordable way to make your mani different and more colourful. I've used lots of different nail art foils which you might have seen on my blog or social media, but I've never tried one with a clear background so I was really excited to use this one!

To apply my nail art foil I use 'The best glue ever' but you can use which ever foil glue you prefer. As long as it dries tacky, you should be good to go! You can get one from BPS here ( To make it easy to follow, I'll put the steps I follow to get this effect below this photo.

I apply one coat of base coat, two colour coats and then one coat of top coat. I then apply the glue, most nail art foiling glue goes on some shade of white/cream/pearl, usually with a bluish tint. As soon as the glue is invisible, you can apply the foil.

I cut small sections off of the strip of foil and place it over my nail. I use a small, flat nail art brush (something like this - to flatten it onto the nail and press it around the cuticle. you can also just use your fingertip, fingernail, orange wood stick or similar to do this). If there are any patchy bits, you can go over that area again depending on the pattern or just stick loads of diamantes or glitter over that part ;). I then apply another coat of top coat to seal the foil.

The good thing about this foil is that it has a clear background so it isn't intended to be one clean layer of foil, it's intended to show the background so it's great if you haven't tried foiling before and need to practise.

This foil is also great because it comes in a REALLY long strip so you can use all the same colour of flower, or like I did you can mix and match.

Let me know if you have any foiling tips and tricks I can try out next time, I know there are people out there better at it than me! :D

Tara x

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