Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Born Pretty Store review - Water decals. A revelation!

Morning mani maestros! Today I have a revelation to share.... I can use water decals! I thought I couldn't, they never worked but then Born Pretty Store sent me a water decal sheet (QJ179) which was a beautiful smokey/marbled grey/blue/purple/pink and I tried it and I figured it out! I ended up with a pretty, if not perfect, mani! I can't wait to stock up on more!

To do this mani I used a base coat and two coats of colour. I then cut up the water decal into nail sized prices and put them in water for a few seconds. While I waited for the water to get into the decal, I applied top coat to one nail, I then removed the decal from the water and applied it to the nail. I then waited for it to stick and the top coat to dry and then top coated over the water decal. It kind of melted the decal onto the nail and I could just pull the excess off!

This is the finished mani!

Here is the second mani I did using the decal but this time I applied one layer of decal and brushed the top coat over the nail roughly so it pulled some of the decal back off, I then layered another pice of decal over it and did the same and repeated it until I had this effect!

I love this! It gives such a pretty accent nail!

Here is the finished result with top coat!

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Tara x

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