Monday, 13 April 2015

Born Pretty Store stamping plate review (BP21)

Hello! I'm hoping that my new lights will arrive today and I can start taking better photos to show off my polish stash to you! I have some draft posts to get through though so there will probably be a mixture of my usual standard and my (hopefully) new and improved standard!

Today I have a stamping mani to show you using some products from Born Pretty Store and a solution to top coat smudging your mani! The products I used are this stamping plate and these studs in number four. You can get these products with 10% off as well as free shipping with the code TS10K31. 

First I painted my nails red and then using a black polish I stamped on the straight design onto four nails and using a white polish I stamped the wavy design onto my ring finger.

Usually when I stamp, I 'glaze' the nail with top coat rather than brushing it on. I place the brush at the bottom of the nail, bump it gently over the nail and meet it back onto the nail at the tip. That prevents the smudging that often comes with stamping. However today, I just applied top coat to my ring finger as I would a regular mani so I can show you how I cover up any smudges.

I haven't tried BPS stamping plates before but I loved the two I got (second one will be reviewed soon!). The designs are lovely and the plates are great quality. The only issue I had with this mani was the black stamping polish I used but that wasn't from BPS. Now on to how I covered up that horrible smudge...

Basically I cover it up with other pretty stuff! you can use diamantes, glitter polish, foils, more polish, stickers, anything really! I chose to ver it up using some fab gold square studs because it gave it a kind of geometric/nautical finish.

I used a wax pencil to pick up the studs and apply them onto the wet top coat. the wax pencil makes it so much easier to pick up studs and diamantes the right way up and place them exactly whee you want them.

I applied four studs vertically up my ring finger nail to cover up the smudge and I placed one stud at the base of each of the other nails to tie the whole mani together.

I love these studs, i have used gold squares before but they were flat, these 3D ones are even more beautiful!

These studs lasted well too, I used antibacterial hand sanitiser while wearing them and they stayed on! I really love this mani but I'll be trying out more looks with this versatile stamping plate soon!

Tara x

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