Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Born Pretty Store stamping plate review BP42

Morning :) I'm still having my eye issues so I'm on the sofa again today watching films, if you have any recommendations, I'd appreciate them! Have a lovely day, enjoy the sunshine for me :D

Today I'm going to review this stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. it's plate BP42 which is the 'Abstract lines' plate. I've used a few of these stamping plates and I think they're great. They're not at all flimsy or sharp like some stamping plates are, they have a lovely BPS branded backing and they're etched really well too, so it's easy to pick up the design.

As it's now Spring I used the floral design from this plate. I used a sparkly pink polish as a base and then stamped over it in purple.

I'm not a stamping expert and only rarely do it so you can see what great results you get from this plate whether you're a beginner or a stamping master!

I used different areas of the plate to stamp from to show how you can get more intricate designs or something slightly larger like just one flower.

Here's a close up so you can see how well it stamps, there's no breaks in the lines or anything which you can get with some plates.

Click this photo to go to BPS and use the code TS10K31 to get 10% off as well as free shipping!

Tara x

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