Sunday, 12 April 2015

Illamasqua mix up mani - Radium Freckle Jo'mina Dws Ouija

Lazy Sunday is here! Actually I had a pretty lazy Saturday too! I blogged, I watched films, I caught up on some YouTube videos and I ate jelly tots! I hope you're having as much fun this weekend as I am! 

Today I have some gorgeous Illamasqua nail polishes to show you! I've done a mix up mani with five different polishes, partially because I think they look fab together and partially because I was running out of room on my untried shelf ;) 

I also have a macro shot of one of the polishes to show you! Shaun bought me a special phone case for my birthday, it's black and has a screw on macro lens. I haven't exactly figured out how to use it properly but I'm happy with my first macro photo, it's very pretty! 

Now onto the polishes! The polishes I used are; pinkie - Radium, ring finger - Freckle, middle finger Jo'mina, index finger - Dws, thumb - Ouija.

So here is most of the mani! I really love these colours, the purple and green are quite bright but also have an undertone which mutes them slightly and a shimmer which makes them very pretty. the grey is just beautiful and a solid colour and the grey/beige/nude with black matte glitters is so simple and classic.

I only got my first ever Illamasqua polishes about a month ago and I only have around 20 but I've been very impressed with all the ones I have tried so far. The colours are amazing and opaque in two coats. The formula is fantastic combining the great colours with different colours and finishes including rubber and shimmer. The application is easy and the dry time around 10 minutes on me.

I haven't done any clean up here so that you can see how easy the brush is to work with. It's not perfect but it's certainly good enough!

Here is the colour I'm wearing on my thumb. This is probably my favourite one. Such a gorgeous pink! I think this is a fantastic shade for Summer!

And here is the full mani so you can see how the colours look all together!

And finally here is my first ever macro photo of the stunning pink 'Ouija' I'm wearing on my thumb nails. When you look at the polish normally, you can't even see the tiny little particles of shimmer/glitter, they just blend into one and create a sheet of pink glitz but with this you can see what looks like two or three shades of pink and a silver through the polish. it's amazing!

Like I said, I haven't really played around with the lens much and this is only my first picture but I'll definitely keep trying to bring you lots of pretty macros!

Tara x

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