Thursday, 16 April 2015

Nella Milano review - Mulberry Wood

Hi :D I can't believe it's Thursday already, I haven't done half the stuff I was supposed to this week! I did spectacularly break my no buy though and buy 56 bottles of polish in 24 hours so I have lots of new stuff to show you soon! I lasted 11 days though so I think that was pretty good and I'm back on my no buy until the 1st of May, so wish me luck (I'll need it!).

Today I have a really beautiful polish to show you. It's a classic polish shade but with so much depth, it's beautiful! I sneak peeked my nail art on my social media and everyone loved the colour of it! It's called 'Mulberry Wood' and it's by Nella Milano. The best thing about it is, it's currently half price here!

To do this mani, I used one coat of base coat, two coats of colour and one coat of top coat. This polish is lovely and opaque though so if you don't have a 'thing' like I do about applying a minimum of two colour coats (unless I'm in a rush ;)) then you can get away with one.

This is the fourth Nella polish I've tried and the consistency of the formula is amazing. They all apply so well, dry fast and last great. It's hard to find a brand with that level of consistency across a range of shades, lots of them seem to have a thicker formula with darker colours but this deep purple has the same consistency as the light pink I used!

The brush on these polishes is great too, it's worked well at applying the polish around the cuticles meaning minimal clean up which is great for me cos no matter what I do, I always need to clean up the pinkie nail on my dominant hand cos my nails are quite small and most polish brushes are wider than my nail, which my dominant hand can deal with but non dominant hand can't!

I used this polish to do some skull and spikes nail art!

I used top coat to adhere the embellishments and a mixture of tweezers and a wax pencil to apply them to the nails. The spikes I apply with the bottom of a wax pencil, I use the small bit of wax showing through to push down onto the tip of the spike, pick it up and apply it. I then wait until they're adhered properly and wipe off any wax residue.

Let me know if there's any other kinds of nail art you'd like to see over this polish and I'll give it a go! In the meantime don't forget to grab this while it's half price at!

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